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In order to create a world where everyone is happy and can live in abundance, it is necessary for various industries to develop. In order to do so, we need to think of a sustainable system that uses limited resources effectively, rather than mass production and mass consumption. Living Robot Inc. contributes to Goal 9, “Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure” by developing robots that contribute to society and people’s lives by utilizing its technologies.

In the world, we produce a lot of things using a lot of resources and energy, and we live by consuming them in large quantities. This lifestyle of mass production and mass consumption is putting a huge burden on the earth. Therefore, it is important for us to produce in a sustainable manner and consume responsibly in order to keep the earth’s abundant resources alive. All the components of our products are confirmed to be free of environmentally harmful substances. In our after-service, we strive to recycle repair parts and contribute to Goal 12 ” Responsible Consumption and Production”.

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