Sterilizing Deodorizing Machine “Date Kumiko”, traditional craft version

Human life is supported by nature and the many organisms living in it. There must be no contradiction between the enrichment of human life and the coexistence with nature that protects biodiversity. Forests play an important role in sustaining many forms of life. In order for humans and other living creatures to continue to live in abundance in the future, we need to protect the richness of forests by managing all types of forests in a sustainable manner.

The Cypress panels of its Date City model are all made of Fukushima grown cypress. We are promoting sustainable management of forests to the local forestry industry and contributing to the Goal 15 “Life on Land”.

In addition to deodorizing, the system is also equipped with a function to sanitize the space through air circulation, and its photocatalytic effect has been confirmed to inhibit the infectivity of Corona virus. By eliminating the anxiety of people and society, we contribute to the achievement of Goal 3: Good Health and Well-being”.

sterilizing-deodorizing-machine-date-kumiko-traditional-craft-version-02 sterilizing-deodorizing-machine-date-kumiko-traditional-craft-version-03


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