Contribution to the achievement of SDGs through our business

Living Robotics Inc. aims to solve social issues and contribute to society by developing robots that stay close to people, grow with people, and live with people.

What is SDGs?


The Sustainable Development Goals are international goals from 2016 to 2030, which was adopted by the UN Sustainable Development Summit held in September 2015. It consists of 17 goals and 169 targets in order to eradicate poverty and realize a sustainable world.  It is something that not only international organizations and governments, but also corporations, local governments, and even individuals can work towards.

SDGs is a difficult international document at first glance, but it is a familiar question of what kind of society we want to live in 10 years from now with everyone.  To aim for a world where everyone can live their own rich lives. In order to change for a better future, we need to work together all over the world and think not only about ourselves, but also about other people, nature and living things. Learn from history, empathize with it, consider it, and act on it.  How wonderful it would be if we all could live with consideration for each other, even if just a little in the corner of our minds. We hope that the business of Living Robot, Inc. contributes to this.

Think about how we want this society we live in to be and what kind of future we want to create, and do what we can do. We, Living Robot Inc., contribute to the realization of a sustainable society where no one is left behind, as advocated by the United Nations, through the development of robots that live with people. Why don’t we think together, each of us putting our efforts together?

SDGs Future City Partner Declaration

As part of our SDGs efforts, we signed an SDGs Future City Partner Declaration with Higashihiroshima City in February 2021.

In the future, we will continue to actively engage in SDGs activities with other municipalities.

The goals (SDGs) to which Living Robot Inc. aims to contribute